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Shine on New Year's Eve in our party collection

Radiate on New Year's Eve in our party collection

The days slip by silently and suddenly the holidays are upon us. Naturally, the people you love take centre stage. But the cherry on the cake? Your party outfit! We are happy to share our inspiration for stylish accessories to go with your festive outfit for New Year's Eve.

Winter's coming! Christmas music blares through the speakers and twinkling lights are everywhere. Everyday activities get a break. After all, it is time to create memories for life around the decorated Christmas tree. Enjoy festive music, ditto food and sparkling drinks. Make this end-of-year period a great experience! But ... in the perfect party attire, finished off with the most beautiful accessories! We would like to give you some inspiration to give your New Year's Eve outfit an extra festive touch.

From party shoes to festive handbags

At Sevens, we agree: details are not just details. Accessories complete a festive outfit. Whether you are a glamour queen or rather a cool girl: there is something for everyone in our party collection!

Go, glamour queen!

Planning something last minute? That's nothing for the glamour queen. Appointments with the hairdresser and make-up artist have been scheduled in good time and her ab fab party clothes have been hanging ready steamed up perfectly for weeks. Entirely Hollywood-style, she puts on her most glamorous dress on New Year's Eve.

Under that dress? A pair of shiny high heels by Gianvito Rossi or special black & gold slingbacks by Fendi. On her arm a sparkling and festive handbag like the Balenciaga Quilted Crush Bag or this silver Hourglass. Equally, she opts for gold with this elegant re-edition from Prada. You will notice her in the party crowd!

Undercover cool girl

In turn, the cool girl is at her best among family and friends. Not necessarily standing out. She enjoys chilling out all the more, but always in style. In her stylish little black dress or eternal jeans with classy oversized blazer, she feels on point.

On New Year's Eve, she pimps her outfit with glamorous accessories. Think party shoes like Bottega Veneta's Padded Mules in denim or platform black mules by Gianvito Rossi. She also loves classy designer bags. This anthracite-grey clutch by Fendi or black leather shoulder bag by Loewe are right up her alley. For a walk in winter wonderland, she smoothly throws a streaky scarf over her outfit. Because even cool girls like to be fashionably warm!

Sevens sparkles in style

It's almost that time again. We already have the wildest party plans and cutest outfits in mind. Time to choose a nice mule from the party collection, a cool designer bag, lipstick ... and we're good to go!

Eat, drink, dance and enjoy together. We sparkle in style! Join us and discover the collections in our shop. Or check out the latest accessories for your partywear in our webshop!



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