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Carefree travel with our tips for smart packing

Tips & tricks for smart and stylish luggage 

A great city trip, blissful idleness on an idyllic beach or adventure on another continent ... That well-deserved holiday beckons. Now all that remains is to answer the eternal question: what am I going to take with me on my trip? With our handy tips for packing your suitcase, you will be ready to go in no time! 

9 tips for packing your suitcase 

On holiday, you want to look elegant. But how do you do that without having to carry 5 suitcases? And how do you make sure that your favourite dress gets out of the suitcase without a crease at your destination? We will help you with 9 tips on stylish travel clothes and smart luggage arrangement! 


  1. Go for multi-purpose 
    Choose your hand luggage bag wisely. This way you can use it optimally during the trip. How about a cool tote bag that doubles as a beach bag? At Chloé and Bottega Veneta you are on the right track. For adventurous travellers, a backpack is a must-have. Prada combines style with functionality. (Available in store)

  2. Organising with pouches
    Keep your suitcase organised by organising things in pouches.  A nylon version from Prada comes highly recommended and can easily be used as a toiletry bag. Combine tip 1 with tip 2 thanks to these black or pistachio green pouches from Bottega Veneta. And what do you think about the Chloé Alphabet Pouch? Organizer by day and elegant clutch by night! 


  1. Travel heavy
    On your feet, anyway! Wear your heaviest shoes when travelling and save space and weight in your luggage. 

  2. Roll over 
    Do you want your stylish travel clothes to look good even after the flight or trip? Then roll up your clothes and arrange the rolls nicely in your suitcase. This way you avoid wrinkles.
  3. Accessories as a secret weapon
    The ideal holiday outfit for women is multifunctional. So pack a few basic pieces and give the leading role to your accessories. A beautiful bag, stylish ballerinas, ... or a nice summer hat! A crocheted one by Fendi or the black version by Prada (available in store) will put you right on trend. 

  4. Live in slippers
    Elegant slide sandals are the ultimate holiday shoes. They are easy to wear during the day, but are also perfect for a night out. These black Balenciaga's are our favourite! 

  5. Win-win with scarves
    At Fendi, Prada, Loewe and Balenciaga, we are seeing a lot of colourful scarves this summer. Perfect for styling your outfit! They also offer protection to fragile souvenirs. Roll delicate items in a scarf and arrange them carefully in your suitcase. 

  6. Define a colour palette
    Think carefully about the clothes you want to bring along on your trip. Planning outfits in advance within a certain colour palette will save you a lot of clothing stress on the spot. Moreover, the palette ensures that you can easily mix and match! 

  7. Trainers are indispensable
    For many ladies, stylish trainers are still the ultimate comfort shoe. And they are right! You combine them with any outfit and you walk on clouds all day. These white Fendi's or Loewe's and black Prada's breathe holiday vibes. 


Ready to go!

Have you used our tips to pack your suitcase? Then all you have to do is enjoy your well-earned holiday carefree! Did you notice while packing that you still needed a handy bag or a nice pair of shoes? Then take a look at our webshop or come and soak up the Ghent holiday atmosphere in our shop