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About Us

It all started with Karin Sevens’ fascination for elegance, her passion for leather and genuine materials and her unbridled love for Italy. This was the perfect combination for an enthusiastic start, and so Sevens Bags was born in 1985.

Ever since, Sevens Bags in Ghent has supplied an eclectic selection of bags and accessories with a broad appeal from the most exquisite Italian and French houses. When we select our brands, we begin by looking into their history. Most of the houses we represent originally specialized in leather goods. Their know-how and craftsmanship are visible in all of their products. This is how we offer a distinct and innovative take on leathercraft.

Over the years, some brands have made way for others, but something that will always remain the same is our passionate team dedicated to providing a pleasant in-store experience with insightful and friendly advice.

After almost 30 years of experience with Sevens Bags, the time had come for a new challenge. In 2014, we opened Sevens Shoes. Our shoe shop meant we were finally able to offer our customers a complete and finished look from head to toe. Sevens Shoes perfectly complements Sevens Bags and we operate with exactly the same values and philosophy. The starting point is and always will be our passion for leather goods and craftsmanship, which can be seen in each and every pair of our shoes.

We are excited to see what the next 35 years will bring!



Meet Karin Sevens

“When I began to write the story of Sevens Bags & Shoes, I started off with a blank page. It was inspired by memories of my beautiful and elegant mother from whom I inherited an unconditional love and precious eye for handbags.

As I have grown older, I’ve immersed myself in my passion for art by studying art history. My endless love for Italian culture, art, lifestyle, architecture and savoir-faire in leather, finally drew me to an unexplored idea in 1985. My husband and I discovered a tiny shop in Milan with bags by fashion designers such as Gianfranco Ferrè, Krizia, Valentino and Trussardi. This was how the idea came about to sell leather bags and accessories by Italian fashion designers, in Ghent.

Our overarching goal was to present these “treasures” as works of art, as if they were sculptures. The architectural design of our shop had to be in keeping with this idea, which is still reflected in our shop today.

I still believe in those works of art, and this is the credo we continue to stand by at Sevens Bags & Shoes.”