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Passion for bags & shoes since 1985

 The story of Sevens started in 1985 with Karin Sevens - a story inspired by the memory of her mother's elegance and beauty. Karin presented leather handbags and accessories by high-end fashion designers as if they were sculptures. Although Loes Vandemoortele has since taken over the shop, the constant pursuit of quality and artful product presentation remain unchanged.  

Sevens Bags Ghent


Sevens Shoes Ghent  

Sevens through the years


Karin Sevens draws inspiration from her unending love of Italian culture and savoir-faire in leather goods. Art, design and beautiful materials - handbags included - fascinated Karin endlessly. She started Sevens Bags, with a carefully selected range of handbags and accessories from the most refined fashion houses.

Sevens Bags Store Ghent


Shoes are the ideal addition to the range to offer a total experience. This allows customers to complete their look from head to toe here. Sevens Bags & Shoes of course remains committed to its passion for leather goods and pure craftsmanship.

Sevens Shoes Store Ghent


The Sevens web shop is a fact. Here you always shop the most beautiful Bags & Shoes, even outside opening hours.


Loes Vandemoortele takes over the torch from Karin as leading lady of Sevens Bags & Shoes. Loes started as a student in 2014, after her studies she continued to work here with heart and soul. From now on, Loes and her team will be on hand to advise on the stylish range.

Sevens Bags Store Ghent

Innovative take on fashion

Like fashion houses, our shop and online shop are constantly evolving. Despite that evolution, we remain true to the philosophy of Sevens Bags & Shoes. Our passion for leather goods and craftsmanship, which can be found in every piece, remains the basis. We select special brands based on criteria such as history, quality and know-how.

Through our distinct and innovative approach to fashion and leather goods, we want to continue to stand out. This is also reflected in the commitment of our passionate team. They pull out all the stops to offer you valuable advice within an extremely pleasant shopping experience. Loes, Katia, Eva & Willemieke are happy to welcome you in the shop in Ghent and on our webshop!