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Iconic designer handbags: know your classics

Iconic handbags of today are the classics of later

We love designer bags that add cachet to your silhouette. Every renowned luxury brand once created a signature bag: timeless, full of character and ... allure. Some signature designer handbags became iconic must-haves.

These are more than just elegant and stylish - they are part of your fashion statement. Moreover, you can be sure that this statement is 'never out of style'. After all, the iconic handbags of today are the classics of tomorrow.

From Fendi Baguette to Chloé Marcie: in designer bags we trust

At Sevens Shoes & Bags, you will find a lot of iconic designer bags. They are luxury bags with a story that finish your outfit to perfection. We would like to introduce you to a few gems that will beautifully complement your personal style.

  • All Puzzle pieces fall together at Loewe

Jonathan Anderson, creative director of luxury brand Loewe, made the puzzle pieces fall together with a luxury it-bag. "I set out to find a new way to build a bag, fundamentally questioning its structure," Anderson said. "It was about deconstructing a conventional bag to create a flat object with a three-dimensional function."

The Puzzle Bag is a feat of pure craftsmanship thanks to the use of high-quality leather and its asymmetrical shape. The more often you look at the designer bag, the more beautiful it becomes. You see a new, ingenious detail every time.

Versatility and high-end fashion, they don't immediately seem to rhyme. And yet: this iconic handbag by Loewe can be carried in different ways. In the hand, as a clutch or cross-body bag? The Puzzle Bag adapts itself according to your plans and outfit. 

Loewe Small Puzzle Bag

  • Chloé Marcie: the casual chic designer bag

Marcie, the saddle bag by French fashion house Chloé, is an all-time favourite. Not only from us, but also from A-list celebrities like Kate Moss. The secret? Simplicity adorns! From the structured silhouette to clever details with e.g. clasp straps and subtle stitching. This iconic handbag needs no bells and whistles. Romantic-contemporary and here to stay.

Typical of the Marcie by Chloé is the buckle that adds instant glamour to your look. The designer bag also pairs perfectly with this season's Marcie loafers. Just goes to show how classics blend perfectly with new items. Moreover, the bag's spacious, well-organised interior offers space to carry all your items in style. Functionality and fashion? Check!

Chloé Marcie Medium Bag

  • The Peekaboo by Fendi: not a bag to hide away

It doesn't get more Italian and elegant than Fendi's Peekaboo. Since 2009, the Peekaboo has stood for ultimate elegance and style. Handcrafted from the finest materials, to lock in your glamorous fashion heart forever.

The Peekaboo is a timeless symbol of elegance, but it is certainly functional too. The name is a nod to the children's game and the bag's handsome interior, distinctive double compartments included. You'll discover great craftsmanship in both the mini crossbody and the wider Peekaboo ISeeU. This young classic from Fendi belongs in every fashion lover's wardrobe. 

Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU Medium

  • It's not a bag, it's a Baguette!

Fendi's Baguette has been around since the 1990s and is one of the most sought-after and recognisable bags in the world. Thanks in part to Carrie Bradshaw, herself an icon in Sex and The City. She famously uttered the words "it's not a bag, it's a Baguette" and the rest is history. And she was right - the Baguette is not just another designer bag.

You carry the bag with its distinctive elongated shape as easily under your arm as a traditional French baguette. Its legendary status as well as the many variations - more than 1,000 since 1997 - in colour, materials, shape, ... make Fendi's Baguette an absolutely iconic handbag. 

Fendi Baguette FF Denim

  • Bottega Veneta Cabat: iconic arm candy

Bottega Veneta's Cabat represents high-end Venetian craftsmanship. The striking, sophisticated leather pattern has been carefully woven by artisans. Moreover, the bag is completely seamless: a strong piece of craftsmanship!

The Cabat belongs in many a fashion lover's walk-in. You don't have to sacrifice space and even colour-blocking is a possibility. After all, Bottega Veneta is exceptionally strong in its use of colour. You can also make a stylish entrance anywhere with a Cabat. Sophisticated and iconic, a must-have if you ask us.

Bottega Veneta Small Cabat

  • Margaux from The Row: quiet luxury

Understated sophistication is what The Row's iconic Margaux handbag stands for. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, founders of fashion house The Row, designed the bag with discreet luxury in mind. The soft calfskin leather, protective feet and gold-tone buckles definitely reinforce that mission.

The structured shape and slim silhouette make Margaux your ideal go-to bag. Perfect for strolling around your holiday destination or arriving in style at a business appointment. Wherever you go, this young classic from The Row offers plenty of space for all your items with several compartments.

The Row Soft Margaux 17 

Discover the magic of iconic handbags at Sevens 

Buying a signature bag means so much more than just buying a luxury handbag. It is investing in timeless craftsmanship. Come and admire the designer bags in our shop or would you rather take a look online? Welcome to Sevens for inspiration and advice for your iconic handbag!