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Sevens makes all mums shine

  • by Sevens Team

Mother's Day 2022, it's only a few weeks away! Time to put all mothers in the spotlights. At Sevens we like to spoil them with our annual Mother's Day action. Moreover, we like to inspire you with our gift guide: the guide to the perfect Mother's Day gift for your mum.

Mother's Day 2022: a moment of special attention

We don't need to tell you that mothers are special. Every year around the time of Mother's Day, Karin Sevens pays extra attention to this fact. She lost her mother at a young age. Her mother was the great source of inspiration for Sevens. She inherited from her unconditional love and a fascinated eye for handbags.
Mother's Day is also marked by maternal peace, pacifism and disarmament by women. In these strange times, this is more topical than ever. Mother's Day 2022 is therefore the moment to pay tribute to all mothers, near and far, in all circumstances of life.

Sevens' gift guide for the perfect gift for mum

Every mum is one in a million. Yet we see a number of different types. Call it fashion styles that characterise them, some more daring than others. We put together a gift guide with 6 types of mothers and matching handbags as gift ideas. This way, you can easily choose the must-have bag that suits your mum's unique character.

- Classy mama:
This is a mum who knows how to give every outfit an elegant touch thanks to beautiful materials and rich colours. Her timeless elegance and sophisticated je ne sais quoi are a perfect match for Fendi's iconic Baguette. She takes this pink leather bag to the chicest boulevards. Or how about this calfskin cross-body bag? Chloé to the max!

- Sporty chic mama:
She flawlessly combines a sporty look with classy accents. Her favourite fashion pieces are made of technical fabrics and have fun logos, cool zips or the brightest colours. She knows how to surprise you with a bag that will steal the show both at the office and at the restaurant. Think of the pink Chain Tool Tote by Balenciaga or this signature Fendi bag. Modern and playful at the same time!

- Street style mum:
Her outfit is not straight out of a fashion magazine, quite the contrary. She likes to push the boundaries by adding details and takes inspiration from the streets of fashionable metropolises. The world is her catwalk and this compact metallic pouch from Bottega Veneta would look great on her. She also likes edgy items like the Monday Shopper by Balenciaga.

- Eco chic mum:
This type of mum prefers sustainable fashion and brands with a clear social commitment. She cares about the world, but prefers local over global. This hand-woven Chloé Marcie Basket is just right for her. Italian luxury house Prada also translates the cry for sustainable low impact materials perfectly. One example is this classy black Re-Nylon Shoulder Bag: a luxury handbag made from recycled plastic particles collected from oceans.

- Arty mama:
For this mama, less is not always more. She loves statement pieces and unconventional fashion. In her walk-in closet there is always room for a red Prada Femme Bag, for example. This unique shoulder bag effortlessly combines allure with creativity. In addition, this artistic mother can also carry out her fashion statement with the candy pink clutch by Bottega Veneta.

- Minimal Mum:
This mama has a nose for exquisite materials. She loves the clean shapes and refined details that prevail in luxury brands like Wandler. A stylish Jil Sander bag or this timeless ivory white tote bag from The Row are also right up her alley.

Gift ideas at Sevens

Mother's Day is the perfect day to make your mum shine. With our Mother's Day action we celebrate this day with you. Are you not quite sure what type of handbag embodies your mum the most or can you use some extra advice on the ideal handbag for your mum? At Sevens we gladly advise you towards the perfect Mother's Day gift!

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