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The old money look: love of traditional craftsmanship

Quiet luxury for quiet lovers of timeless design

In a world where trends and flashy designs are killing us, the old money look remains a fixture. This discrete approach to opulence is for those who enjoy luxury without showing it off. Timeless, elegant and above all with great respect for the craftsman's métier.

Wealth whispers

In the old money look, there is no room for flashy logos or exaggerated branding. It is mainly the outstanding quality of pieces that stands out. Think high-quality loafers or a handmade leather bag. This view of luxury is passed down from generation to generation in aristocratic families. For as the term quiet luxury suggests, they know that true wealth does not shout, but whispers.

True luxury therefore effortlessly stands the test of time, and brands like Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Prada and The Row have understood this well. These houses are almost synonymous with the old money look thanks to their inimitable approach to timeless sophistication.

Subtlety prevails at The Row

Founded by the iconic Olsen twins, this brand embodies the essence of quiet luxury. The beautiful shoes and bags are made by the best craftsmen using high-quality materials. The designs are best described as understated, subtle and elegant.

The popular Margaux bag proves that many a fashion lover's attention is shifting from big logos to timeless looks. This stylish handbag blends perfectly into an old money style. The smaller Sofia bag also has the same effect. Its subtle design and refined details leave a lasting impression. That makes a The Row bag a perfect family heirloom.

Italian class

Italian fashion houses have long understood quiet luxury. Bottega Veneta's Andiamo bag is a true classic that retains its value across generations. After all, luxury and durability go hand in hand.

Prada's craftsmen also fully opt for minimalist designs, either with a touch of avant-garde. The rich archive is the source of inspiration par excellence. You won't find flashy branding here, but you will find shoes and bags made of high-quality materials that take an old money look to the next level. 

On stylish footing

Besides timeless bags, loafers are the old money accessories of choice. Back in the early 20e century, these shoes became hugely popular. The understated design makes these classics a symbol of sophistication and class. Anno 2023, loafers are still a popular choice. You will find a pair that fits like a glove at just about every luxury brand this winter. 

Let accessories speak for themselves

So Quiet luxury is not a status symbol, but an appreciation of craft. Its bags and shoes tell a special story of subtle elegance and rich history. Fashion may always be in flux, but the old money look is a timeless constant.

We are happy to present you with a fine selection of timeless bags and shoes, online or in shop. Because that high-quality leather or excellent cut is something you probably want to experience for yourself. Be welcome!