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Three trends for an extra festive end of year

Time to swap hoodies and homewear for stylish partywear! From sparkly to outdoorproof, we present you three end-of-year trends. This way you'll sound in style and step festively into the new year ... because even after the holidays these elegant bags and fine shoes will give your outfit extra cachet!

Shine bright like a diamond

The holiday season is not just crowned 'the season of sparkle'. Long, dark days call for extra light and what better way to create that than with some glitter? Choose accessories with silver, rhinestones or mirror effects to give your outfit an extra sparkle.

With the stylish Bottega Veneta, this winter turns silver. Go for the Bottega Veneta Pumps or opt for the striking version of Pouch 20 or Cassette? Prada lovers will also come out brilliant with silver Prada Pumps or diamond-rich Loafers and the Prada Cleo on their arm. In short, shiny & glitter continues to amaze and is still the party trend par excellence.

Tip: You don't have to put these items away after the holidays. Wear them in combination with jeans and you have a completely new look.

Outdoor & glamour: a match made in heaven

This year the conditions are a little different, but that doesn't have to be a line through your party bill. Celebrate safely, yet in style ... it's possible! Whether you're invited to a winter barbecue or aperitifs around a firepit, a pair of sturdy boots or rubber boots combines wonderfully with your feminine party outfit.

At Chloé, minimalism rules with the rubber Betty boots and Kiss Bag in soft pink hues. The rainproof Church's Gwen Booties are also easy to combine with your end-of-year outfit. For fans of timeless black, the Bottega Veneta Lug Boots are the perfect boots for that winter celebration. Or match with the KASSL Lady Lacquer handbag for 'black with a shiny touch'. Could it be a little more extravagant? Then the Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette in ice blue will certainly be able to charm you.

Made to feel like party

You can look, but you can also touch. If you have a soft spot for tactile materials, this winter there are many festive designer pieces that will stimulate your senses. From soft fabrics to unusual textures, you can feel the craft in these unique accessories. The Prada Knitted Boots are a real eye-catcher thanks to their jacquard structure, and the cuddly Prada Re-edition Bag will also add an extra dose of glamour to your look.
Want to add even more feel to your party outfit? The furry Chain Pouch from Bottega Veneta and the Balenciaga Track Fur Sandals reflect creative craftsmanship at its best. Slightly more classic, but still blissfully soft, are the Fendi Way Felt and Fendi Baguette Shearling.

Get the trend at Sevens

No matter what type of party you have lined up, we have the stylish accessories to complete your outfit. Feel free to visit our store to match these party trends with your style or check out the collection on our webshop. This way, the end of the year will be festive to the max!

(Translated with Deepl) 

 Prada Chocolate Loafer Crystals