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Matthieu Blazy: new it designer at Bottega Veneta

Matthieu Blazy: new it designer at Bottega Veneta

Designers come and go ... So too at Bottega Veneta at the end of 2021. Head designer Daniel Lee left suddenly, reason unknown. Time for Matthieu Blazy to step out of the shadows. But who is this Franco-Belgian?

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At the end of 2021, head designer Daniel Lee abruptly left Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta. The reason is so far unknown. Daniel Lee's right-hand man and ready-to-wear designer Matthieu Blazy became the new creative director at Bottega Veneta. He took over Daniel Lee's duties, with more than fantastic results.

Meet Matthieu Blazy

The talented Blazy was born in Paris, studied at the Brussels fashion school La Cambre and currently lives in Antwerp. So this new creative director at Bottega Veneta has a Belgian edge.

He is not the typical self-centred designer, but loves teamwork, hiking ánd after-work drinks. From intern at Balenciaga to right-hand man at Calvin Klein, Céline and Raf Simons, he started at Bottega Veneta in 2020. First as a ready-to-wear designer and now as head designer. Matthieu Blazy is clearly no new kid on the fashion block.

Fall/winter 2022 is Blazy's first main collection. Bottega Veneta is extremely well known for its designer bags: a métier that requires artisanal craftsmanship. The renowned Italian brand's vision is grafted on movement, going somewhere. Bottega Veneta builds on the past, realises in the present, but keeps its eye on the future. Matthieu Blazy met the high expectations with the highest respect for the fashion house's authenticity. He did it. And how!

Highlights F/W 22 collection

Blazy's first collection as head designer at Bottega Veneta oozes glamour and aesthetics. Matthieu Blazy plays with form and volume: minimalist silhouettes, a sophisticated colour palette. Material choice? Mostly leather, the true signature of Bottega Veneta. We are happy to share our favourite highlights from the catwalk.

- Sardine tote bag: strong piece of craftsmanship

For the Sardine bag, Matthieu Blazy found inspiration in modernist sculptures by Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi. Bottega Veneta quality pur sang, visually noticeable through the use of supple leather in their well-known 'intrecciato' pattern. By the way, the brass handle matches perfectly with gold jewellery.

Sardine Sevens Bags & Shoes

- Monsieur loafer: the new classic

A classic slip-on, made in new materials: the Monsieur loafer is here to stay. We expect new classy versions of this shoe in future collections too. The rubber sole and shiny vinyl look contrast harmoniously with the classic shape. In pretty dark green or burgundy? We can't decide!

Monsieur loafer oxide Sevens Bags & Shoes Monsieur loafer inkwell Sevens Bags & Shoes

New Bottega Veneta Collection at Sevens

Matthieu Blazy's first real collection for Bottega Veneta is a reality. The international press praises it, as do we. Come discover the beautiful shoes and bags by Bottega Veneta and other high-end designer brands in our shop or check out the latest fashion items in the webshop


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